A Few Words

after looking over my work from the past few years it occurred to me I need an outlet for my dark, erotic works... so here it is.

24 Jun 2008

Make Me

Make me plead.
Make me melt as ice over a naked flame.
Make my desire dance blindly from life
Into an eternity of delicious secrets,
As soft breath lingers on my steaming flesh.

Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of the wild darkness
Embrace the vast, velvet universe;
Pierce eternity with their spark;
Poison the angels with a smile;
Hold Life's secrets in perfumed hands;
Sail oceans of fire in the sky of Time.

21 Jun 2008

She is Woman

She, who haunts the thoughts of man,
Her perfume lingers on the air,
With soft voice and a poison tongue,
Your dirty secrets, she lays bare.

From those red, delicious lips
Comes poetry of deep desire.
She has you prisoner in her web
Of piercing fever - wild like fire.

So hot it melts your broken heart.
Surrounded in her liquid breath,
A naked, throbbing, joyless life,
Yet you dare not beg for death...

She is woman.

- Unfinished -

Bathe in my dirty, delicious dream,
Drink deep my liquid, perfumed stream.
Squirm in the wild, throbbing fire
Of soft kisses and steaming desire.
Melt into my dark, velvet embrace,
Linger on my moist and blushing face...


How softly a warm breath on the window
Whispers of ghosts bathed in fire.

Questions deep as night and vast as eternity
Stream down the dirty glass.

Secrets, dark as desire in wet, perfumed smoke
Bleed into the blushing universe.

Only fools speak of yesterday's angels
Bourne away on dancing stars,
Blind to the sacred poetry of time.

- Untitled -

Fever devours your broken form;
Fire pierces your porcelain smile as it melts
Into a liquid stream of secret longing,
Dark and delicious, as you lie naked
Surrounded by questions that cut you to the bone.

Yet soon desire decays time and self
Leaving only oceans of clouds
Bleeding into a sad sky, ablaze
With the blinding morning star.
All the night's tortures forgotten.

Moments Like This

The porcelain moon, with one deep breath
Brings the blushing day to its knees.
In an endless sky, dark as Death
The universe bathes in velvet seas.

Dance to the piercing rhythm of night,
Linger now on a delicious kiss
For with morning comes a joyless life.
Time always devours moments like this.